ASUS Eee PC T91 gets video unboxing

Delays in the production, cast doubt on the function and the potential for limited supply, even if they are on the shelves of a Netbook, ASUS touchscreen Eee PC convertible T91 insurance had some problems. Fortunately, the first models seem to be filtered with the delivery jkkmobile today a photo and Unboxing and first impressions video.

The T91 has a 8.9-inch resistive touch screen, Intel Atom Z520 processor 1.33GHz and 1 GB of RAM. As you can see the start of our tour d’horizon of the study, ASUS ‘user-friendly finger harvest that documents that are useful, but Windows XP Home, and he was always under the leadership of stuff.

However, there are still many people there that an alliance of love, Netbook laptop with touch screen functionality, the Eee PC T91 slots into a niche with a limited degree of competition. We hope it sells well, if it is only the green light of the T ASUS Eee PC 101, the 10 / 1-inch T91 to the brother of the overthrow of the peak in September.

Folder on the heels of Guitar Hero from Logitech Battery, yesterday, the first official pictures of the new Guitar Hero 5th September. Only the two images to combine, but Activision has a new video in the next title.

Functionally, the two no doubt in large part the same, with the two plates and three heads of the drum, combined with a decline in the pedal. Although Activision has yet to confirm the price, we expect this package to GH5 cheaper than Logitech, which will undoubtedly try to build on the positioning of the flexibility, the equipment and the comfort of the flat-rate aid can.

Guitar Hero 5, it is planned in September, we should be more in this moment. The game is on preorder for PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 with a guitar.